JDA Aqua Cutting Inc

Vibratory De-Burring Tumbling

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Vibratory De-Burring - Also know as Mill Finishing provides a uniform feel and texture on material or parts relieving the corners and sharp edges. Vibratory Tumbling also will remove scale and rust from ferrous material resulting in a clean smooth part.

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What goes in the Vibro - JDA has used the vibro for many different types of parts and materials from heat treated D-2 Steel to soft copper. Depending on what needs to be cleaned or free of burrs will depend on what machine and media they will go in. Vibrating parts will give them a soft to touch feel and a sparkle finish. This is a great source to take parts made from different batches of material and make them look the same. With the use of rust inhibitors steel parts will be cleaned in the vibratory then oiled to help prevent them from future rust.