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Water Only Jet Cutting

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Water Only Jet Cutting - Provides cutting capabilities those items that will not tolerate high pressure, heat, abrasives, or high amounts of water. This process is great for paper, wood, gaskets, rubber, foam, cloth, plastic, an many more items.

Water Only Jet Cutting JDA Aqua New Lenox IL Chicago Joliet JetEdge

Rubber & Foam - With the use of a .005"-.010" stream cutting rubber and foam is a relatively easy task. Depending on the durometer and thickness these materials will cut relatively quickly and will save a vast amount of time and money on the production of dies and hard tooling. It is simple either send us over a cad file or a print and we will program and cut. If you only have a sample we can reverse engineer the part you need.

Water Only Jet Cutting Carpet, Trade show flooring comfort carpet JDA Aqua New Lenox IL Chicago JetEdge

Carpet, Flooring and Trade Show Tiles Water Only Jet Cutting makes cutting geometry, logos and shapes into these materials easy. JDA has cut carpet that is in US Cellular Field, College athletic team weight rooms, Trade Show tiles and many more. Carpet retail locations have had us cut designs for their customers that would be costly without the use of the waterjet capabilities of JDA