JDA Aqua Cutting Inc

Serving All Industries

Book Foam Marble Brass Gasket Carbon Steel Gears

Since 1995 JDA has serviced many industries because of the versatility of the technology at hand. Cutting Books for the Art Institute Chicago to tiles for the family down the street is not a problem. Almost any material can be manipulated in some form it just depends on your imagination and creativity. Imagination will allow you to figure out tricky jobs and allow you to achieve amazing results. Who would have ever though that you could cut holes into books with water? In 1996 JDA took a set of encyclopedias for the Art institute and cut a single hole in every book of the set and retained the insides for a exhibit on "Looking Into Knowledge". This was exciting but was only the beginning of many accomplishments that were thought to be astonishing.

Awards Trophies Plaques Chrome Anodized

Award Companies have utilized our resources to create awards, trophies and plaques to be given to professional athletes, actors, corporate accomplishments. 2010-2012 JDA helped supply the aluminum silhouette for the Monster Energy Supercross plaques the winning riders received at the end of each race for the series. Lexus and McDonalds have had marble corporate logos made for end of the year awards.

Michael Kors Tile Flooring

Sign & Flooring Companies use the resources of JDA to expand their capabilities to create lettering, logos, signs, brackets, name plates. JDA has manufactured signs wall coverings for many clothing and apparel stores around the world. Odds are you have been at your local mall and seen some or even walked over our work while you were looking for a pair of jeans. Popular sign materials will range from Aluminum, brass, copper, Stainless, Steel, acrylic, marble and even glass.

Square Wax Mold Aluminum 3-D milling

Manufacturing Prototyping - The use of 3-D milling helps mold and die makers to save time developing molds and dies before prototype and after production.

Fabricators & Blacksmiths will use our resources to help with those time consuming and high volume jobs to save time and money. Most of these shops are good to do low volume or short run jobs where precision and repetitive identical parts are not necessary.

Silicon Rubber Grommet

Automotive and Gasket manufacturers are always in need of a quick low cost source to have a short run of material cut. Making dies and stamps to produce gaskets can be costly and short to medium runs are ideal to send to JDA.