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Fabrication Process

Fabrication Wax Cabinant Abrasive Water Jet Cutting JDA Aqua New Lenox IL Chicago

Fabrication - Provides a assembly of or complete product that is comprised of many items or parts. Fabrication can and will utilize many or all of the services provided by JDA to complete a project. Water jet cutting, milling, turning, welding, grinding, bending are all characteristics in fabrication the JDA can provide for fabrication, machine shops and end users.

Fabrication Weldments Abrasive Water Jet Cutting Bending Forming JDA New Lenox IL Chicago

Fabrication Examples - Past projects have included a wax warming cabinet that was 4'x6'x20' in size. Projects have varied in size depending on the end use for the customers but have included rolling, forming, bending and welding boxes, shrouds, covers and trays.

Fabrication Box Tray Lid Top Cover Cap Bending Forming JDA Aqua New Lenox IL Chicago Joliet

Who uses Fabricators - Many industries and individuals have used JDA in the past for fabrication projects. Fabrication projects can be done in conjunction with other shops or solely by JDA. Depending on the task JDA utilizes sister companies to do heavy bending and forming and powder coating to complete projects as necessary.

  • Fabrication shops
  • Machine Shops
  • Blacksmiths
  • Iron Workers
  • Product Manufacturers
  • Sign Companies
  • Conveyor Companies
  • These are just a few examples